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“Let the main part of the diet be meat, to the exclusion of all else.” ~ Walt Whitman (1)



Fishing and Grilling in 100F Heat (And How to Make it Better)


Brown trout captured in submerged hand net

I want to lead with saying I had an excellent Independence Day weekend. On the holiday itself I grilled enough meat and (sweet) potatoes to satiate 400% of the party size actually being served. But, the leftovers have been serving me well and in fact I just finished working through a plate of shrimp and pork ribs before moving over to write this post.

Great Podcast Episode to Improve Your Fly Casting


Payette River Middle Fork

As I continue to seek out resources to utilize in the pursuit of improving my fly casting, I came across one I thought would be worthwhile to discuss here: an April 2021 episode of The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast titled Seven Deadly Sins of Fly Casting, with Josh Nugent

Fly Casting Lessons - Are They Worth It?


Fly rod resting on fly-fishing book resting on wooden desktop

Previously I made a post about the progress of my "self-study" in fly casting. As of several weeks ago, I had not been out on the water in over three months; my residency was going to vest at the beginning of March and I thought it would be best to wait until I had access to more enticing prices before purchasing a 2021 fishing license. In the meantime I continued to do some research on 22lr bolt action rifles (which may be the topic of a different post) and I also investigated the possibility of scheduling some private fly casting lessons to get direct feedback from a professional on what adjustments I need to make to improve my casting results for this coming season. I sent some emails out to the fly shops and schools in my area, and for various reasons elected to schedule with Idaho Angler's "Fly Fishing University: Private Lesson" offering.

Progress: First Trout from the Lower Boise


Rainbow trout captured in hand-net submerged in river

I have been spending the better part of my weekends over the previous 4-5 weeks working on my fly casting form, trying to tighten up all the little areas I need to work on as a novice, and also trying to absorb as much information as possible that may lead to discoveries about what the weakest links in my approach are, which remedying would bring the greatest improvements to my fly angling.

Studying Fly Casting Theory and Practice


Coeur d'Alene river


Earlier this year I had a chance to fish the Coeur d'Alene river with an excellent guide named Greg from Northwest Outfitters. I caught my first ever cutthroat trout on that outing, but it took a lot of coaching to get my casting to the point where a strike was even minimally feasible.