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“Let the main part of the diet be meat, to the exclusion of all else.” ~ Walt Whitman (src)


Outdoor Cooking

Fishing and Grilling in 100F Heat (And How to Make it Better)


Brown trout captured in submerged hand net

I want to lead with saying I had an excellent Independence Day weekend. On the holiday itself I grilled enough meat and (sweet) potatoes to satiate 400% of the party size actually being served. But, the leftovers have been serving me well and in fact I just finished working through a plate of shrimp and pork ribs before moving over to write this post.

Turkey, Eggnog and Egg Custard on Pellet Grill (Carnivore-based Thanksgiving)


Thanksgiving meal

<!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Yesterday I achieved satisfying results (for a first attempt) with a sausage-stuffed-bacon-wrapped whole turkey, as well as carnivore-based eggnog and egg custard, all prepared in some capacity on my Camp Chef SW with <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank">Bear Mountain Hickory pellets</a> (limited experience granted, my favorite pellets so far).</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph -->

Plan: A Carnivore Thanksgiving Meal on the Pellet Grill


Raw turkey adorned with bacon weave

My goal for Thanksgiving this year is to cook up a meal fully compliant with the carnivore diet, the elimination diet for which I am in the reintroduction stage. With the exceptions of cinnamon and bourbon, I am aiming to do exactly that. Details to follow.

Tools I Use When Grilling At Night


Smoke pouring out of pellet grill chimney illuminated by LED motion light

Yesterday evening I planned on a quick hour of fly fishing before putting three whole chickens on the Camp Chef in order to burn through the remainder of my hickory pellets (and start on the apple pellets I had in reserve). However, the water level in the river has receded and so I spent longer than anticipated scouting for a decent spot, and then fishing the spot I did settle on.

Using A Pellet Grill In the Winter?


Covered pellet grill on patio, covered in snow

For the first winter in my life I have to take snow into account when determining the conditions for what I will be doing when I leave my residence. I have entered the reintroduction-phase of my elimination diet, and was planning this weekend to fire up the Camp Chef and throw on a pork assortment including sausage,