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“Let the main part of the diet be meat, to the exclusion of all else.” ~ Walt Whitman (src)



Progress: First Trout from the Lower Boise


Rainbow trout captured in hand-net submerged in river

I have been spending the better part of my weekends over the previous 4-5 weeks working on my fly casting form, trying to tighten up all the little areas I need to work on as a novice, and also trying to absorb as much information as possible that may lead to discoveries about what the weakest links in my approach are, which remedying would bring the greatest improvements to my fly angling.

New Pellet Grill: Camp Chef SW 24


Camp Chef 24 SW pellet grill assembled on patio

As much as I convinced myself I would be waiting until November to make a purchase, I found myself browsing the Outdoor Cooking section of Sportsman's Warehouse after running out of charcoal, and the presence of the SW 24 was too alluring.

Friends in the Field: Southeastern Texas Dove Hunt


Dove hunters standing in field with shotguns

A few weeks ago, one of my buddies and one of his buddies went on a dove hunting trip in Southeastern Texas. I got their permission to share some photos of the experience:

Carnivore Elimination Diet & Butcher Shop Yield


3 large boxes of meat products sitting on dining table

I have been eating largely in-line with the Primal Diet over the last several months, largely consuming meat and leafy greens. My daily sugar intake has been in the range of 0-5g per day, with net carb intake not exceeding that very considerably.

Studying Fly Casting Theory and Practice


Coeur d'Alene river


Earlier this year I had a chance to fish the Coeur d'Alene river with an excellent guide named Greg from Northwest Outfitters. I caught my first ever cutthroat trout on that outing, but it took a lot of coaching to get my casting to the point where a strike was even minimally feasible.