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“Let the main part of the diet be meat, to the exclusion of all else.” ~ Walt Whitman (src)

Carnivore Elimination Diet & Butcher Shop Yield

posted October 18, 2020

3 large boxes of meat products sitting on dining table

I have been eating largely in-line with the Primal Diet over the last several months, largely consuming meat and leafy greens. My daily sugar intake has been in the range of 0-5g per day, with net carb intake not exceeding that very considerably.

Carnivore Diet: Why would it work? What about Nutrients and Fiber? - What I've Learned (YouTube)

(Brief summary of the present cultural and scientific context of the carnivore diet)

On Tuesday, September 22, after reading passively about the diet throughout the year and studying related practices more seriously in recent weeks, I decided to try the carnivore elimination diet. I determined to eat only the following for four weeks

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Salt (including "low-sodium" salt and sea salt)

The initial plan was to reintroduce eggs, butter bacon, sausage and similar "processed meats", then gradually add in heavy-cream, decaf coffee (my primary mode of consumption), paprika, chili powder, black pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, ground mustard and mustard sauce, additional spices, hot sauce, apple cider vinegar, lemon and lime juice, mayonnaise, some fruits and vegetables and so on.

At 3.5 weeks in, I have decided to take an additional 2 weeks or so to experiment with restricting to merely beef, salt and water only. Afterwards, I may be doing a carnivore Thanksgiving feast, which I will certainly post about. However, my goal is to have progressed far enough with reintroductions by Christmas to have a good sense of what foods and ingredients I have to work with for holiday grilling and smoking.

H&M Meats Economy Bundle

In any case, I wanted to make sure I was well supplied to carry out this experiment, and I also saw this as an excellent opportunity to explore butcher shops and meat markets in the Ada County - Canyon County areas. I browsed offerings as listed on websites for these places and finally determined H&M Meats in downtown Nampa had a bundle deal very well suited to my needs: a variety economy package with enough meat to supply me with 1-2lbs per day for the duration of the diet, favorable to some degree of budget consciousness.

Refrigerator unit freezer at near-max capacity

I have not yet determined when I will be embarking on my first hunting trip, but I am certainly interested in purchasing an additional freezer before that day arrives. The 90lbs in this butcher bundle reached more or less the maximum capacity of the freezer space available in the unit that came with the rental. Fortunately I have a pretty good idea of where the additional freezer would fit nicely.

My longer term goal after I have acquired additional freezer space will be to purchase beef quarters or beef halves on the local market in order to minimize cost and also potentially facilitate the process of learning and appreciating the various cuts of ruminant meat. I do not plan to stick with a purely animal-product-based diet in the long term; I have a lot of research to do with regard to the potentially harmful and beneficial qualities of various non-animal foods. I certainly hope this experience will inform me which foods put me in the healthiest state of mind and daily experience. Then, I want to focus on recipes and techniques that utilize and enhance enjoyment of those foods, which of course will be a major focus for this blog.

I do plan to maintain a high fat, moderate - high protein diet comprised of about 80% meat, and to keep carb consumption mostly restricted. To that effect, in the near term I will explore increased quality through cooking methods rather than ingredient selection, to identify carnivore friendly recipes. The idea of experimenting with "complex" animal-based recipes very much interests me. Further out, I will continue to explore outdoor cooking recipes, foods and techniques compatible with a low carb way of eating. As strong as ever do I feel a need to prove these types of diets are highly compatible with the methods of cooking I am enthusiastic about and desire to master, as well as the culture surrounding them.