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ThermoPro TP19: Excellent Digital Food Thermometer, Excellent Customer Service

posted November 7, 2020

ThermoPro TP19 digital food probe

When I started backlogging initial post ideas a few months ago, I knew one of my Outdoor Cooking posts was going to be about some of the utilities I have really enjoyed owning and using during my cooks,

and one of these was certainly my Thermopro TP19 probe

Sent this to a friend asking about the digital probe I use

Display Appears to Be Dysfunctional

In December 2019 I recieved a Thermopro TP19 as a Christmas present (along with other awesome grilling accessories from friends and family), and I have loved using it for practically every grill sense. It has a built-in magnet which lends nicely to mounting on the side of a Traeger Ironwood 880. The hand probe is extremely handy for testing the calibration of probes that interface directly with pellet grills. It is highly sensitive, easy to use and even easier to clean when the food reaches target temperature.

All of this had me very excited to have this device at the ready when trying out my Camp Chef SW 24 this weekend. Unfortunately, this last week I discovered the display was exhibiting strange behavior where the LED screen would NOT light up when the probe was extended. After tinkering with the device for several minutes I decided to lay it down to focus on what I was preparing at the time. At some point later I returned to the device and discovered the screen had finally powered-on, and appeared to be fully functional. However, upon closing the probe and re-extending it, I was disappointed to discover the dysfunctional behavior again resumed. I assumed at the time the device simply needed a new AAA battery and so ordered a pack online.

The batteries arrived in the mail this week, and this weekend I of course picked up the new grill. I went ahead and replaced the battery in the TP19, also taking the opportunity to press every button I could find on the device, including the "re-calibrate" button hidden beneath the battery panel. All of this was to no-effect, including the replacing of the battery itself. Finally I decided I was going to have to email Thermopro for further guidance about the situation.

I sent an email as follows:

I received the Thermopro TP19 as a gift this past December (2019) and I have had an excellent experience with it ever since. I use it almost every cook and I find the readings very accurate as measured via other methods. However, within the past week, the display on the device no longer functions. Specifically, when the probe is extended, the display does not light up. I have attempted to replace the batteries in the device, and to utilize the recalibrate button but this has had no effect. If I leave the probe extended for some duration the display will eventually light up briefly and then go dark again once the probe is closed, where the process must repeat to get it to light up again. The device has not been dropped, left in extreme temperatures or in any way been exposed to conditions that would be an obvious cause for this behavior. Is the device possibly defective, or is there something I could do to resolve this issue? Thank you for your response!

Attached to Email; TP19 LED display should feature red text when probe is extended

After sending this email I quickly received an automated response indicating I would not receive a personalized answer until the following Monday.

I definitely feel that in 9 months of using the device I would have gotten my money's worth even if it did NOT come into my possession as a gift and I had paid full price. However, I was very much looking forward to documenting my use of this device on this blog. Here is to hoping the response to my question will be prompt and whatever process I have to go through to fix or replace the device will be quick and convenient. I will be sure to post an update on my experience. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this device to anyone looking to purchase a reasonably affordable, simple and convenient digital probe for their outdoor cooking activities.

ThermoPro's Customer Service

(November 7, 2020)

Note: I apologize it took me over a month to get around to finishing this post.

The Monday following my inquiry, Thermopro was quick to reach out regarding the problem I was experiencing with my device. The reply was as follows:


Please provide your current shipping address and we will look into replacing this for you.


Customer Service Representative

Probe Back in Action

ThermoPro TP19 replacement

I supplied the relevant information and within a matter of days, there was a replacement product on my doorstep free of charge. I have since experienced NO problems with the replacement device, and it has rendered very useful service with tritip, beef chuck roasts and beyond.

TP19 back in action

I was deeply satisfied with and relieved by the way Thermopro addressed the problem I was having with my first device, and I am happy to announce my cooking experiences with the replacement device have been every bit as excellent as was the case with the initial device for the first 9 months I owned it. Cooks, chefs and pit-masters with a breadth and depth of experience probably have a developed sense of how their foods are progressing based on the conditions of temperature under their control. For novices like myself however, having a digital probe like the TP19 is practically a necessity for minimizing mistakes and maximizing quality.

Thermopro sells a variety of products related to outdoor cooking, given this positive experience I would highly recommend browsing their online catalog:

I am still undecided about when exactly my first hunting trip will take place or what it will look like, but after having purchased the pellet grill, I am interested in additional freezer space as well as meat processing utilities. The latter category includes a vacuum sealer, and I see ThermoPro offers one which appears highly affordable:

I have not done enough research to make any decisions, but when I am ready to start making those purchases, I will definitely be giving their product a closer look.