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“Let the main part of the diet be meat, to the exclusion of all else.” ~ Walt Whitman (src)

Using A Pellet Grill In the Winter?

posted November 9, 2020

Covered pellet grill on patio, covered in snow

For the first winter in my life I have to take snow into account when determining the conditions for what I will be doing when I leave my residence. I have entered the reintroduction-phase of my elimination diet, and was planning this weekend to fire up the Camp Chef and throw on a pork assortment including sausage,

hotdogs and shoulder roast all obtained from a local meat shop.

Light snow blanket on my Camp Chef

Those plans were challenged when I woke up to active snowfall which blanketed my pellet grill (which I of course keep sufficiently covered). I decided to wait until the evening for the snow to cease, figuring I could throw the smaller meats on for around an hour and save the pork shoulder for the following day. However, snow continued to fall lightly into the afternoon, and finally I decided just to wait until the following day for the weather to pass.

I was, however, prompted to do a bit of research as to what the recommended practices are when it comes to using a pellet grill as winter conditions arrive. My search turned up numerous articles and I skimmed through some of the top results:

Each of these reads a little differently but I extracted the following key points from their intersection:

  1. Pellet consumption rate will increase relative to Summer-time averages
  2. Temperature maintenance can be greatly facilitated by purchasing an insulation blanket; I intend to test out just how significantly my Camp Chef SW is affected by low temperatures without any added insulation, but if I determine it would be valuable, I will strongly consider purchasing their 24" insulation blanket
  3. Keep the lid closed to the greatest possible extent
  4. Use cast-iron cookware; this is one I have really been wanting to rise to, and I definitely plan on stocking up on at least a skillet or two during the holiday or post-holiday sales

If I find my experience is affected significantly one way or the other by any of these factors, or any others related to low temperatures, I will do my best to post about the experience here.